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Welcome to the off-site forums of the NationStates region of Hogarahoiprash!

"The best region in NationStates is the one with the name you can't pronounce. We also have penguins. Lots of penguins. But we have alot more Little Blue Penguins."

Welcome insightful leaders of great nations!

You are wise to have chosen Hogarahoiprash as your nation's home region. Why? Because life here is what you make of it. Hogarahoiprash is a blank slate for you to create your collective destiny. What kind of region should we be? That's up to you to decide.

Here you can just relax or get involved in the region by:
  • participating in regional affairs and government
  • joining the regional map by laying claims to it
  • starting discussion on specific or general topics
  • setting up a market or trade, or starting trade agreements between nations
  • starting your own national factbook or learning about other nations in theirs
  • starting your own feed or blog for your nation
  • playing an existing roleplay or starting a new one

So come along and join the Hogarahoiprash Forums today!